London Calling

September of 2004 I went from living in a small Southern California "cow town" to starting coursework at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London, England.


Being alone and experiencing massive culture shock, I spent a good couple months in self isolation.  My fellow students were fresh out of High School and I was 23 at the time so I had a hard time connecting with anyone at school.  Thanks to the just booming MySpace I was able to socially network and befriended a photographer from Paris.  He would frequent London as he was a part of the street art culture taking photographs of urban decay and marking the streets.  On one of his trips we met up and he took me to those streets he knew so well.  Brought me to popular spots, showed me different boroughs and tucked away cool spots that maybe only locals frequented.  A whole new world opened up for me that day.  I felt confident to go out on my own and explore with confidence and explored as often as I could even going to apply for jobs.  In fact a Starbucks that we had stopped into I would later get hired at and meet some of the most incredible people.  Some of whom I keep in touch with to this day.


Adventure was my goal each day.  To wonder into shops, venues and immersing myself in the amazing city I had then called home.  A couple of my favorite places to wonder into were bookstores and art museums/galleries.  Magma books in Covent Garden was one of my favorite bookstores to frequent.  When at galleries and shows I was very moved by I would always pick up literature or books on the show if available.  To this day these publications have served as great references and continued inspiration in my own creative process.


It is my aim to create a similar place, and someday physical space, to provide people the same inspirational materials to enhance their own creative process or maybe to tap into their creativity to begin with.


I have a massive bond with the city of London so there may some bias but I feel it had such a rich and supported standard towards the creative arts.  Something I hope to continue to see more of here in the States and more specifically in The Inland Empire where I grew up and currently operate.


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