To Be... Or Not To Be...

To Be... Or Not To Be...


At the end of last year, 2019, I had found a storefront that I wanted to open my niche bookstore & art gallery at.  It was ideally located in a Historic Downtown area.

I would spend all of January, February and the beginning of March working my tail off getting all the foundations of starting a business aligned.  I was working with multiple Business Advisers through the S.B.A., attending workshops and networking events, building a tedious Business plan,  had contractors inside the facility to go over renovation quotes, and had even met with an Attorney on legal structures of my business.  That meeting was March 9th, 2020 and on March 12th the Corona Virus, Covid-19, was announced as a global pandemic.

Although the circumstances initially leave me to feel defeated I am taking what I had started and looking at the positives.  For one, before the events surrounding the virus had really erupted I had yet to have a lease drawn up by the Landlord, so I had not signed anything.  Everything was waiting for that lease including taking out a loan to purchase a hefty amount of inventory.  A blessing as I see i now.

As I wait, like the rest of the world it seems, I am cautiously creeping forward with my dream that I had.  It may play out in a different way but I will still try.  Having a place for people to come be and enjoy creative publications and be inspired is still the glimmer of hope.  My second biggest fear in all of this, is the economic fallout and hardships that may lie ahead of all of us which is yet to play out.  People's fragile funds may not allow for a cool book, magazine or sketchbook.

My number one fear in all of this is contracting this virus with the worst case outcome or any family & friends as well.  So for now... I will stay home and continue to research and smooth out the monumental foundations of starting a business and hope that one day I can say "Hi welcome in" as you pop into my shop!


Stay Safe,  Stay Home.

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