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We are currently taking art submissions for our gallery wall under a rental basis.  1-2 artists will be selected each month by means of a juried panel selection.  Group shows will be 1 piece per artist.   Artwork submitted for review should be a cohesive body/collection of work that can be exhibited as such under a show title.  We are seeking artists that have had some experience putting a body of work together and are at the point where they would like to exhibit. We also accept seasoned and professional working artists.


Rental fees are $100 for the month an include:

  • Usage of approximately 105 Square feet of wall space ( 1/2 of the gallery wall).  Artists can pay for both spots if a solo show is desired and approved by juried panel.
  • Month long exhibit duration.  The work will be displayed from the first Saturday of each month until the Friday prior to the first Saturday of the following month.
  • Install and take down of show.
  • Opening Day reception.  Currently receptions will be conducted as a full day event.  Evening receptions can be arranged upon inquiry.
  • Digital marketing.  Assets will be designed in house and posted on Curated Chronicles, Inc social media platforms.  Those Digital marketing images will be given to each artist to use as well for promotion.  The same image will be used for a 24" x 36" poster which will displayed upon entry of the store. 
  • All sales of artwork would be directly with the artist.  The gallery would not take any additional commission fees.
For full details please email: with the subject line Art Submissions and include the following:

  • 3-5 images of artwork from your exhibiting collection.  Content must not depict sexually explicit, erotic, violent or hateful imagery.  We are a family friendly facility and want to keep content suitable as such.  If you are unsure please submit work for review by panel.  
  • A show title for the proposed collection of work.
  • Artist Bio and/or Artist Statement on the collection.
  • Social Media platforms or website where body of work can be viewed.
  • Any work that is considered for an exhibition, MUST be finished, and wire hung or hangable for our cable gallery system.  More details can be provided if selected.
  • We appreciate all artists who submit and share their very personal work with us.  Unfortunately not all applicants will be selected. 

Thank you!


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