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Faces Of Graffiti

Faces Of Graffiti

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Faces Of Graffiti

By Caroline Jensen

80 Pages, 8.25"x 12", Hardcover

Published x Dokument Press



For seven years, photographer and psychotherapist Caroline Jensen has traveled back and forth between Stockholm and New York to photograph graffiti writers.

Faces of Graffiti shows intimate portraits of writers that Caroline Jensen has established a deep and personal connection with.

The book portrays New York graffiti pioneers who began writing in the late 1960s, writers who grabbed the baton and established graffiti in Stockholm in the 1980s, and younger writers who have further developed the graphic design of graffiti.

To understand how graffiti affects writers’ lives, Caroline Jensen asked them about their driving forces. Rooted in her work as a psychotherapist, she reflects on self-development and the role graffiti plays in the lives of the writers.

Charmin 65, Nic 707, Riff 170, Rubin, Snake 1, Kaos, Shiro and Taki 183 are some of the artists portrayed in the book, accompanied by images of their graffiti art.

Caroline Jensen is a photographer based in Sweden with the world as her field. She is also a licensed psychotherapist with her own practice for twenty-two years. She combines her two professions with a deep interest in the process of change. Dokument Press has previously published her book Room for Therapy.


ISBN: 9789188369666


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