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Kill'em | 3 Issue Riso Set x Tuan Nguyen

Kill'em | 3 Issue Riso Set x Tuan Nguyen

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Kill'em | 3 Issue Riso Set x Tuan Nguyen

Each issue is 2 x 11" x 17" folded multi-color risograph prints.

Limited Edition, Printed x Paper Press Punch

Published x Curious Publishing



3, Risograph zines by Tuan Nguyen | Dur-O-Tone Newsprint 70lb text | published by Curious Publishing | printed by Paper Press Punch | 8.5x11


I primarily make paintings and sculptures and the “kill’em” series of works began life as sculptural objects, the first ones being 20” x 26” in size and displayed in a gallery exhibition.

They are thinly veiled allegories for the immigrant experience - the sci-fi alien cast as the “other,” enduring violence, assimilation, and on the path of healing and redemption.

The inside pages weren’t ever intended to be seen, the unfolding narrative meant to be imagined by the viewer.

Now riso-printed as zines and colorized, you can open and “read” them but the images are abstracted and non-linear. They nod to the cyclical and non-conclusive nature of this story.”


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