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Unseen Sketchbooks

Let’s Get Shitfaced x Erik Kessels

Let’s Get Shitfaced x Erik Kessels

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Let’s abet Shitfaced x Erik Kessels & Designer Chris Brigg

100 Pages, 7.5” x 11.75”, Layflat Board Bound

Published x Unseen Sketchbooks




EDITION 3 is Let’s get shitfaced, it’s free. is an experiment between artist Erik Kessels and designer Chris Bigg. The book is a series of photographic records, which were Kessels response to the notion of a sketchbook, a collection of ideas. These in turn have been interpreted by Chris Bigg into a new piece of work in the form of a visual journey exploring connections of images, themes, colour and texture.


Warning: Contains, Bricks, People, Kodak, Packaging, Arrows, Wheels, Helmets, Guns, Breasts, Penises, Hands, and many other things


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