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Mishou Magazine

Mishou Magazine | Issue #3 - Weather

Mishou Magazine | Issue #3 - Weather

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Mishou Magazine | Issue #3 - Weather

Cover by Kayla Ephros (age 29) with poem by Violet Flicker (age 9)

52 Pages, 8.5" x 11", Paperback

Published x Dizzy Books



This issue’s theme is inspired by weather. Weather is what is happening in the atmosphere, like rain, snow, sunshine, and thunder. The weather is different all around the world, but we all experience it! We can feel weather - the sun warming our skin, the wind coming through an open window. Some of us can see weather - the sky turning orange as the sun sets, a big white flash of lightning. Some of us can hear weather - thunder cracking, rain pitter-pattering on a rooftop, wind whistling.

Weather is very powerful, but in the same way it affects us, we can affect weather. The weather on our planet has already changed so much because of humans and we have to be careful about how we treat the Earth.

Weather makes our world go round! The sun and rain make flowers and food grow from the ground. The wind and tides carry sailboats across the ocean. We can build snow sculptures and make snow angels. Sometimes, I even think about my emotions as weather inside of my body.

In this issue we decided to focus on weather because there are so many different ways to explore it! Through art, science, poetry and more. On page 31 you can follow steps to draw a snowflake, and on page 33 are instructions to make your own wind chime. On pages 41-48 you can learn about Weather in Space, and read interviews with young Climate Change activists that might even be your age! Issue #3 contributors and artists range from age 6 to 78!

Issue #3 features:

Maren Karlson, William Wegman, Zazie Lampert, No School, Bunny Lampert and Niagara, Jasmin Flores, Aeja Monet, Somer Stampley, Livia Charman, Charlotte Kohlmann, Kayla Ephros, Ancco, Sen Tanikawa Oglesby, Avery Tsai, Kayley Chery, Virgile-Minh Perrier, Eden-Emmanuel, Karen, Benjamin, Lailah, Rahat, Wylie, Finlay, Zayne, Polly, Judah, Josephine, Sebastian, Chloe, Maisie, Indigo, Evie, Ruby, Jasper, and Eloise.




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