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Pigeon The Kewp Doll | Worried Red Hair

Pigeon The Kewp Doll | Worried Red Hair

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Pigeon The Kewp Doll | Worried Red Hair

Collaboration between Show Pigeon and Bitter Squeaks

1.75" H x 1.5" W

Listing is for 1 Kewp Doll





Inspired by a love of Rose O’Neill’s kewpies, I decided to make my very own kewpie dolls. One problem though — I didn’t know how to make dolls. So I started by creating a paper doll coloring book with my own kewpie-like character (taking reference from O’Neill’s illustrations, antique penny dolls, and chalkware souvenirs).

Meanwhile, as fortune would have it (or maybe just the luck of like-minded artists loving each other’s work), Kate Hart of Bitter Squeaks contacted me to inquire about some tattoo work. If you don’t know Kate, the short version of her story is that she fell in love with the 1950s/60s squeak toy designs of Edward Mobley and with a lot of grit and persistence became the caretaker and future-maker of his toy estate. When Kate and I started talking, sparks ignited. Turns out that one of Edward Mobley’s unproduced prototypes looked an awful lot like my little character. Was he, too, inspired by O’Neill’s work and early 20th century toys? Or was it magic that led to me picking up the character where he’d left off?

It was clear that this little doll had been waiting patiently for her name and debut. We released the first Pigeons in 2017 as a series of one-of-a-kind hand painted art dolls standing 3 and a half inches tall. In 2019, we miniaturized Pigeon to create Pigeon the Kewp Doll for Mobelings — a pocket sized friend for you or someone you love. Find her at - Evie Yapelli, aka Show Pigeon






My name is Evie Yapelli, aka Show Pigeon.

I own and operate Show Pigeon Tattoo in Orange County, CA, a by-appointment space where I tattoo, paint, and provide business and creative consultations. From time to time I also host popups, charitable events, and guest tattooers, and I love collaborating with artists and companies. Some folks I’ve worked with include Bitter Squeaks, Miss Ladybug, Gemma Correll, Yesterdays, and Blue Cactus Press.

I’ve also had the honor of working with non-profit organizations as a hired illustrator and through tattoo-based fundraising, art donation, and volunteering. Groups I’ve worked with include National Network of Abortion Funds, Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade, Orange County Women's March, and Rock and Roll Rescue.

In my home life I collect kewpies and copies of Alice in Wonderland, I have a wonderful talented husband, and I love my cats. You can follow my day-to-day work and peeks of my life at @showpigeon on instagram.


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