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Plazm Magazine | Issue #30

Plazm Magazine | Issue #30

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Plazm Magazine | Issue #30

Born Again

166 Pages, 9" x 12", Paperback

Includes pull out poster insert

Published x New Oregon Ats & Letters



Plazm #30


– David Lynch
– Bruce Sterling
– Corin Tucker
– Douglas Rushkoff
– Wangechi Mutu
– Erik Davis
– Christina Seely
– Kevin Sampsell
– Emily Chenoweth
– Arthur Bradford


Table of Contents & Masthead
Editors: Jon Raymond, Tiffany Lee Brown
Art Director: Joshua Berger

Editorial Assistance: Sarah Gottesdiener, Katy Drawhorn
Copy Editor: Allison Dubinsky

Plazm 30 was published by New Oregon Arts & Letters, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon, USA and online at

Cover: Fang Lijun; 30th Mary, 2006; Oil on canvas, 400 x 525 cm Courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London
3. Masthead illustration: Mia Nolting
8. Table of contents: “Gender Camoflauge” Sarah Magrish Cline
10. “Born Again” Plazm editorial typographic interpretations by Ian Lynam, Stephen Oh, Matthew Walsh, Ed Fella, Eli Carracio
16. “If I Knew the Way I Would Take You Home” by Emily Chenoweth
20. Wangechi Mutu: “Histology of the Different Classes ofUterine Tumour”
29. “Resurrections I” by Lisa Wells, design by Matthew Walsh
30. Daniel Heyman: “Bearing Witness”
36. “In the Astral Plane with David Lynch” by Stephanie Snyder, design by Susie Nielsen
49. “Hotel Therapy” by Kevin Sampsell, illustration by Zak Margolis
50. Zeloot: Poster designs
55. Christina Seely: “Lux”
63. Dana Dart-McLean: “Some Work”
70. “Are We Not Men? Humanity in the Digital Age – Interviews with Bruce Sterling, Amber Case, Erik Davis, Kevin Kelly, Sherry Turkle, and Douglas Rushkoff” by Tiffany Lee Brown, design by E*Rock
86. Dan Attoe: “Desert Abduction”
88. “The Day My Neighbor Richard Was Born Again” by Arthur Bradford, design by Matthew Walsh
92. Lori Waselchuk: “Grace Before Dying”
104. Cynthia Lahti – Art by Lahti, text by Jon Raymond
114. “Rock My Religion: Corin Tucker and Sara Lund in Conversation” – Interview by Jon Raymon
119. “Metal” by Robert Faus, design by Niko Courtelis, photography by Yvonne Albinowski
127. Michael Patterson Carver: Drawings
133. Bruce Wolf: “Death by Cat,” design by Daniel Sinclair
140. Matthew Walsh: “Doktor Faust”
141. “Resurrections II” by Lisa Wells, design by Matthew Walsh
142. “Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews” by Jemiah Jefferson, Joel Jennings, Richard C. Chord, Lisa Wells, Ricardo Wang, Elizabeth Pusack, Kristy Athens, Erin Donovan, Valerie Cashman, Yasmeen Ayyashi, Bryant Heath, John Barrios, Stanley Potango, Joshua Berger; design by Daniel Sinclair
156. Plazaar
158. “Dolls Are Creepy” – Photographs by Rebecca Martinez, text by Tiffany Lee Brown
164. Plazm Back Issues
166. Plazm #30 Contributors
169. “Still Love” by Kevin Sampsell, illustration by Zak Margolis

Pull out poster insert: Dan Attoe: “Accretion Drawing XXXIII” and Accretion Drawing XXXIV”

Where not otherwise indicated design by Joshua Berger



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