Beautiful mixed fiber art works x Cindy Rinne.

My mixed-media fiber art works are a collage of cultures collected over the years to tell new stories. Sometimes text from my poetry comes alongside the imagery. Or poem fragments appear on the back of a sculpture. Nature is the inspiration in both animal voices and plant life. People may appear finding their place in the natural world. Wearable fabric sculptures explore dimension on the body and are narrative from my poems or a play. The surfaces are vintage from around the world. The sculptures are also meant to come alive in performance art.
I create new myths or discover myths of the past and combine these with present experiences. Authentic searching is like an archeological dig expressing the truth of myth and the women who lived the stories. I build on ideas by digging deep into a myriad of cultures. I try to understand the lives of goddesses and their environment. Time is split to reveal the secrets; the sacredness of the soul. I stitch memories into textile collages; layering and obliterating fragments of cloth. This is a connective process that creates a whole out of curvilinear pieces. Translucent veils draw the viewer into intimacy, mystery, and discovery – that wish to speak as a negotiation of the surface.
There is not always a plan when I begin. I work on several pieces at once to allow ideas to percolate. Each artwork consists of improvisational aspects. The stitch pierces paper and textiles; also, in the form of embroidery creates another visual language. Paper may be sewn to fabric contrasting hard and soft. Textiles hang like tapestries to form a sculpture or are quilted. Brush and pen connect to paper or fabric. Layers reveal destruction, change, and rebirth.

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