"Pascaline's artwork consists of conceptual semi-abstract acrylic paintings, digital art, art installations, mixed media drawings based on local landscaping, nature, architecture and still life. In her most recent work, Pascaline has been experimenting upon colorful abstract landscaping on different type of materials relating to the diversity of cultures found in America and France.
For each new series, she develops a fresh pictorial vocabulary with different techniques conveying the singularity of a particular environment, socio-political event or philosophical thoughts. In general, her largest body of work mostly consists of reinterpreting landscape space through personal observation with a hidden message behind it.
She is developing a new type of public art and fine art using digital technology in 2D. In parallel, she is also creating public installation with nature components that have been installed in Glendale, and Highland Park within Los Angeles area.
Her research focuses on the definition of space, light, and graphic limits within a non-conventional approach through vibrant colors and texture. Pascaline creates her own artistic vocabulary based upon a combination of early 20th century European and American Abstract Expressionist art movements mixed with a contemporary flair. Pushing to the edge of abstraction, the artist remains within a classic aesthetic harmony.
Her work has been part of group exhibitions in museums in Wisconsin, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania in addition to public art and numerous exhibitions in galleries and public artworks within the Los Angeles area. 

Pascaline is involved with community art projects. She has curated several shows in partnership with Little Ethiopia Cultural Center in Los Angeles where she creates cultural outdoor and indoor events that encompasses artist talks, music, dancing and poetry reading.
Pascaline considers art, for both the artist and the viewer, as an uplifting and challenging experience filled with emotion." From Artists Website

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